Laminate Floors, not to be mistaken for any kind of hardwood, are highly durable and have very realistic visuals.  These products are primarily designed to look like wood, and usually click together to form a floating floor.

Laminate Floors are durable, easy to install, stable, and traditionally come in 7mm to 12mm in thickness.  Laminate can also be purchased with an attached pad for sound deadening.  However they are highly susceptible to moisture related issues.  Laminate is largely comprised of a high density fiberboard core as the foundation for a paper (or other printed material) finish layer.  The fiberboard core tends to be the limiting factor.


While laminate has some extremely good looking products, and is easy to install, fiberboard and water do not mix well.  In homes where moisture is well controlled, laminate is highly recommended, and will perform well.

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