• 1 Reward Point = $1.00
  • No IRS Form 1099, no restrictions, no user fees!
  • Participants are free to choose the rewards they desire most- as well as decide to save their points for a substantial reward or spend them immediately!
  • Reward types include - cash, merchandise, gift certificates and card, travel, purchasing displays, employee spiffs, payment on account, and much more!
  • Points are accrued based on your purchases and delivery schedules!
  • Points are maintained under your store name, in an automated database!
  • Points NEVER expire and can be rolled over at the end of a calendar year!
  • Program is extremely adaptable, easily adjusting to align and realign as your company's needs and program objectives change!
  • Point Rewards participants voluntarily enter into the program!
  • Points are visible to you because they appear on your NRF invoices!
  • Over 1,000 active participants and continuously growing!
  • Managed by a very knowledgeable and experienced Program Coordinator!


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